Monthly Archive: August 2014

Prusa i3+ 0

Enlarged Prusa i3

There is a printer that I built some time ago. It’s modified Prusa i3 with bigger print area. It’s 300x300x200mm instead of 200x200x200mm. It may sound like nothing difficult, but it wasn’t so simple...

0201 0

Hand soldering 0201 resistors

I use 0603 resistors and capacitors as standard size. In smaller PCB’s with higher component density I use 0402. They are both quite easy to hand solder if you have some practice and some...

Automatic center punch 1

Automatic Center Pounch

Sometimes you need to drill a hole, nice hole, precisely in some place. It can be difficult, especially in hard materials like steel. Best way in such case is to mark center of a...