Sometimes you need to drill a hole, nice hole, precisely in some place. It can be difficult, especially in hard materials like steel. Best way in such case is to mark center of a hole with a punch to guide drill at this point. Until recently I known only one tool for such job – classic center punch bashed with the hammer. But I discovered better tool! Automatic center punch.

Assembled automatic center punch

This little guy is very handy. Instead of knocking it (or your finger) with a hammer, you just put it against piece you want to mark, push it (moderate strength required), and BANG – it’s ready. Good, deep pit with only one hand and one move.This little thing is quite clever. It is, actually, a punch with built-in hammer! If you would like to read more about how it works, Wikipedia has quite good article about it. I (of course) have disassembled mine – it works just as expected.

Disassembled automatic center punch

I also created a simple animated GIF for Wikipedia . If one picture is worth a thousand words, how about a moving picture? ;)

Automatic center punch - animation