Fairchild Semiconductor

Fairchild Semiconductor has just got a very high place in my personal list of giving a middle finger to customers.
You go to their site to search for some stuff. For example, a MOSFET. Two clicks from their main page, you land on parametric search. That’s nice! But let’s try to search something. There are some columns, some of them probably hidden. Let’s select only interesting columns – click on “Configure Search Columns” button. You must be logged in! WTF?


My head is too small to understand why they need my personal data to allow me to search their stuff. It’s a transistor, not the jet propulsion controller!

To make it complete, let’s rant a little bit more:
– the “price” column is missing. They seem to not understand that it’s the most important column of all
– there are no package drawings in their datasheets. You need to go to their site and search for another file to look at it

I don’t like that site.


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