I use 0603 resistors and capacitors as standard size. In smaller PCB’s with higher component density I use 0402. They are both quite easy to hand solder if you have some practice and some flux. But what about smaller components? I always like to test my abilities, so one day I thrown some 0201 resistor footprints in the corner of one of my boards and bought 50 of them to try if I can solder them. 0201 are the smallest size readily available on Farnell or Mouser.

They are small, really small. I knew that, but it surprised me despite this. They’re exactly the size of fine grain of salt from my salt shaker. When you throw them on the table it’s hard to see them. Are they possible to hand solder?

Yes, they are! With magnifying glass, fine tweezers, fine solder tip and some flux they are surprisingly easy to assemble in normal way. But they are that small that they quite easy stick to everything, not only my fingers but also to clean tweezers tips.

Footprint size comparison

0201 vs THT resistor

0201 vs salt grains

Soldered 0201s