Würth Elektronik

When designing electronics you have to deal with many components from many manufacturers. Each one of them have different approach to their customers. There are companies who will give you datasheet or 3D model without problems. With some of them, you will need to login on their site (yuck). There are also a few, who will need you to sign an NDA (bitch, please, they are often pirated anyway).

Würth Elektronik is one of the best examples of how company should deal with their customers. It has quite good, simple to use webpage. All the files you need are there, without need to register, login, wait hours for confirmation e-mail. Datasheet? Here you are! 3D model? Altium or Eagle library? Spice model? Please! I wish other manufacturers would follow their example.

Not all things are perfect – i.e. Spice models and PCB libraries are not linked directly from component page, but that’s minor disadvantage. There is one more big plus. You can buy production quantities and get samples of components directly from them. And you don’t need to order full reels! It’s amazing, especially that their parts are very good quality.

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